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In 1969 Meadville PA was a growing community. This growth stemmed primarily from the increasing opportunities in the tool & die fields. New tool shops were starting up throughout the area. It soon became evident that these businesses would require support services that were capable of providing the type of quality demanded in their field. A handful of experienced Platers from the area saw this need and started Meadville Plating Co., Inc. Since that time Meadville Plating has specialized only in plating for the tool and die, machine, and mold industries. Over the years technology has changed the way parts are manufactured. With the invention of the EDM and other equipment, parts have become much more intricate and Meadville Plating has adapted to continue to provide the highest quality, best service and fastest turnaround possible. With more than 2,000 customers across the United States, MPC has earned a reputation of unsurpassed quality and service.


Machinable Alloy Plating (MAP) is excellent for repair or salvage of mismachined or worn molds, machine parts, shafts or tooling. Unlike repairs made with weld, the maximum temperature a part is exposed to is 200 Fahrenheit. Therefore, there is no risk of warping, annealing or sink marks.


Our thin dense nodular chrome is utilized to increase wear resistance, resist erosion and corrosion, reduce friction, prevent galling and seizing, improve release characteristics and effect a superior lubrication quality of the base metal.


Whether your job requires build-up, smoke or flash chrome, our years of servicing the tool and die and mold making industry has given us the expertise necessary to supply the highest quality chrome plating available.

Make Meadville Plating your source for the best in functional and repair plating. We hope to be of service to you, and welcome your questions or request for quote. Refer to the above links that detail our services.

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